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I've returned to Texas from my adventure in Taiwan! (I've actually been back for like a week but I jumped back into research duties within days so I've been kinda busy lol.) I want to put up a photo album of my escapades somewhere though I don't know if I'd really post my photography to dA. I took a lot of photos... Part of it was channeling my inner Asian, but the other part was that I wanted some good references for landscape art—I did say I was trying to draw a comic at some point... I think... Speaking of which, I actually made no progress on it while I was abroad!!! I had expected to have some downtime at the end of the day to be able to do some art here and there, but really the days were pretty much entirely eating, sightseeing, or walking to find places to eat and/or sightsee.

I have to say, being overseas really reminded me how much I missed seeing my family and just travelling. I guess it hadn't really hit me just how far I currently live from everyone I'd ever known. I've certainly made friends in grad school, but the loneliness was always there. Looking back, even though I was always exhausted and homesick, those past two-and-a-half weeks were the most fun I'd had in ages. The return trip felt so sudden. One day I was in Taiwan, then I was back home in California for maybe 30 hours, and after some shenanigans regarding layover flights and overnight stays at airports fuck American Airlines, I was right back in Texas as if the whole thing had never happened. It felt like those past few weeks had all been just a dream... pretty unsettling.

Vacation matters aside, nothing drastic has really changed since before I left and after. School is back in session again and although I have much less coursework than last semester, the remainder of my time is filled with research. So while technically I would say I'm much less busy than before, I think my amount of free time will stay relatively constant (a.k.a. still little time for teh artz). Of course, since I hadn't picked up my stylus in twenty-something days, I'm a little rusty and I'm pretty sure I've regressed again... but such is life. I'll try to get back on my feet again, but it might be a bit.


Enough of me rambling. tldr I was gone, now I'm back, art will still be slow as per usual.



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